Panama Pet Relocation Service

You are considering moving to Panama, from the USA or Canada, and of course, you will be bringing your pet with you, we can help. Moving overseas with a pet is not an easy task but leaving them behind is even more difficult for both pet and pet owner. At Panama Expat Service, we understand the importance of pet relocation and will do everything possible to make the process as smooth as possible for both you and your pet.

At Panama Expat Service we offer a pet relocation service that will take care of all the details for you. From helping you find a pet-friendly airline to getting your pet’s paperwork in order, we will make the process as smooth as possible for both you and your pet. We can also arrange to transport you, your pets, and your luggage to your final destination in Panama.

We offer 2 services, Pre-Paperwork/Travel Assistance, and Transportation to your final destination upon arrival.

Pre-Paperwork & Travel Assistance

  • 45 day before arrival phone consult.

  • 30 day before arrival timeline consult.

  • We provide all current paperwork required.

  • We advise on Airline, pet carriers, USDA and CFIA and Panama Consulate locations and contact people.

  • We provide you the contact for your airline’s Cargo department (for pets in cardo).

  • We provide you contact for your airlines inflight pet requirements.

  • Assistance finding a USDA certified vet in your area for the 10 – day before arrival appointment.

  • Provide the instructions on getting health certificate stamped by federal offices and authenticated by a Panama Consulate.

  • We review and proof all documents through out the process.

  • Once everything is ready, we pre-notify, and get pre-approval from Panama Airport authorities with scans of all documents so they are expecting you at your arrival time.

  • We are on standby with bilingual service if needed upon your arrival.

Transportation to Panama Destination

  • Fully Bilingual Pet Friendly Drivers

  • Driver will meet you in the Airport to assist with Luggage and pets once you have cleared.

  • Driver can assist with translation if needed.

  • Up to two hour wait/load time at airport is included in price. (if you are bringing multiple pets, it can take some time.

  • Professional drivers with newer appropriate size vehicles (Large SUV’s or Vans depending on number of people, pets and luggage).

  • Pet friendly vehicles.  Your friendly dogs do not have to stay in the kennel.

  • As many pet breaks (and people breaks) as needed.

  • Stopping for lunch if wanted.

  • Overnight pet-friendly hotel can be arranged during the trip if needed, of if arriving late at airport.

Panama Expat Service Pet Relocation Service is run by Rodney Larrivee, with 11 years of living in Panama and assisting expats bringing their pets here.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with Rod at one of the numbers below.

Rod 150x150 1Panama: +507-62571832

US: +1-786-232-3916

Canada: +1-306-910-9650

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    Make your Panama pet relocation a fun experience

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