Health Insurance in Panama

Choosing the right health insurance coverage is important when you live in Panama.  To get coverage from panama companies, you must be a resident or in the process of residency.  If you are note ready to talk to a health insurance expert yet, read more about healthcare and health insurance in Panama HERE.

If you have heard that buying health insurance in Panama from a broker, is 30 – 50% more than buying it from the individual company, that is totally not the truth.  In fact the price will be the same if you buy from a reputable broker, or the individual company.  The difference is, when you buy from a broker, you will get the plan that is right for you, and you will get an intermediary on your side to deal with the insurance company, if you have a claim.

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If you are not yet a resident or in the process, or do not have a date set yet to move to Panama, please look at the information on health insurance linked above, or use the Contact on the top menu to send us your questions. You will not be able to apply for health insurance until you are a resident or in the process.