We at Panama Expat Service provide all the services below to expats already living in Panama, and those that are in the process of moving here.  We have a combined 20 years experience in living and working in Panama, and helping Expats with their new lives in Panama.

Oscar and Rod have run semi-private (Groups of 6 – 10) and exclusive private Panama relocation tours  for almost 8 years, and we realized there are many expats moving here, and that have already moved here, that have not taken our tours, but still need some help.

If you are just starting the planning process of retiring abroad, and looking at Panama, you may want to check our our relocation tours. But if you have already decided that Panama is the place for you, or you have already arrived here, the below services may be of some help for you.

Panama Expat Service with Oscar on the Streets Gives Back

Oscar and Rod have always been of the belief to be part of a community, giving back is important.  We both live in Boquete Panama, and for many years have been helping our with non-profit organizations of our town in promoting their services and events.  Our “Oscar on the Streets” video productions are shown to up to 20,000 residents of the Chiriquí Province. If you are a non-profit in Chiriquí, contact us here to see if we can help.